Diego Corro

I am a research mathematician interested in the interplay between geometry and topology of metric spaces, via the study of their "symmetries". 

Most of my research is in the context of considering singular  foliations as a notion of symmetry for Riemannian manifolds. I also consider more general metric spaces, such as Alexandrov spaces, RCD-spaces and (infinite dimensional) Frechét spaces  with symmetry, since they are natural generalizations of Riemannian manifolds.

Currently I am part of the School of Mathematics at Cardiff University.

I am a member of the DFG SPP-2026 Program "Geometry at Infinity".  I was also an associated member of the DFG RTG-2229 "Asymptotic Invariants and Limits of Groups and Spaces".

I am also a member of the "UK Metric Geometry and Analysis Network", and organizer of the Cardiff meeting in April 2024.

You can find links to my papers here.

In my Google Scholar site you can find more information about my publications:

I got my Ph.D. at the KIT in 2018, under the supervision of  Fernando Galaz-Garcia and Wilderich Tuschmann.

Here you can find a copy of my CV